About Agent Regulation

About New “Agent Regulation”

Japan Basketball Association (JBA) newly revised “Agent Regulation” on 12 Oct 2022 (in force on 1 Jan 2023). The previous “Player’s Agent Regulation” was applicable only to international transfer of Players or Coaches. In this new “Agent Regulation,” it requires anyone who domestically conducts negotiation and/or other activities for the purpose of concluding contracts between Players or Coaches and B1, B2, and B3 clubs to register themselves individually (corporate registration is not available) with JBA as agent regardless of the nationality of Players, Coaches or Agents and whether FIBA-licensed agents or not. Further, those who become agents to assist in the international transfer of Players or Coaches should be FIBA-licensed agents in the same as up until now in accordance with this new “Agent Regulation” in addition to International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Regulation.

Agent registration will be completed by applying using the following application form and making payments of application and registration fees in a manner inform by JBA on another day.

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Application & Registration Fees



Initial Application Fee (including Re-registration after withdrawal) 33,000 JPY (tax included)
Annual Registration Fee 30,000 JPY


Effective Period

Effective period of Agent Registration shall be from 1st Apr to 31st Mar next year. However, if the registration completed in the middle of fiscal year, the effective period shall be from the date of registration to the end of relevant fiscal year (31 March).


Registration Procedure

Please fill out the Agent Registration Application form to apply for new registration and renewal for FY2024.The validation period of FY2024 is from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.


The List of Registered Agent

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The List of Players who Submitted Declaration

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